About Us

MAPLED Light Inc.

MAPLED Light Inc, since its establishment, has focused on business of devices for home applications & info-communication and PCB, making utmost efforts on realization of customer satisfaction by providing specialized technical support & cutting-edge technology.

Through constant relationship with companies who own cutting-edge technology in various countries, we provide new technologies and products, which are related to home appliances and wireless communications, multimedia and communication services.

Future-oriented thoughts and effective communication allow us to read industry trends and we are making our utmost effort on shared growth with customers for realization of customer satisfaction that by understanding customers' needs. We have been contributing do domestic home appliances and wire/wireless communication industry development since foundation of our company in 2003.

MAPLED Light Inc, spreads green business with development of new items and production of high quality items by participating in LED business that takes center stage recently with proactive action. We will be a global company that enjoys the confidence of Korea and overseas with proud to provide devices of electric products heighten the value of our life. We wish your constant interest and support as always.

We promise you to provide your company more creative customer satisfaction.

Mapled Light Inc.

Our Values

Customer Satisfaction

We aim to give satisfaction and impression more than expected to our customers according to our company philosophy 'Customer Satisfaction Management'.

MAPLED will be the new example of electronic industry through convergence of value based on the proud that we use superior quality of products for PCB devices used for home appliances, communication and electric devices of well-known brands in Korea and overseas.

What We Do


We develop and produce economical and effective, eco-friendly LED products for indoors and outdoors, which enables to save energy and reducing greenhouse gas.

Product Designs

We will contribute to innovation of Design for indoor & outdoor lightings based on eco-friendly products and make a new way of lighting industry which is very close to our daily life.

Overseas Operations

We provide our products to overseas partners over the world, establishing strong and constant foothold of supply in Japan, Thailand, Canada, etc. by communication and win-win strategy.

Domestic Distribution

From product design to sourcing; We participate in product designs and supply high quality of products to prominent home appliances and communication companies. We supply LED, Relay, Varistor, Thermistor, LCD, Backlight and X2-cap, which are related devices to SMPS, Display and Controller, etc.

Imported Materials

We provide semiconductors and device elements through partnership with overseas manufacturers to overcome the limitations of domestic products and being as an official agency and distributor allow us to provide high quality of products with competitive price with prompt delivery.

Customer service

Future-oriented thoughts and effective communications allow us to read industry trends and we are making our utmost efforts on shared growth with customers for realization of customer satisfaction that by understanding customer's needs.

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